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Our Features

Our team has built our software from the ground up to provide a user-friendly and intuitive design to make it simple for operations teams to manage their business and stay compliant without adding to their employees workload. With a commitment to helping our customers succeed, we are building the best tools possible to help you track, measure and manage your operations from seed to sale and roots to suits.


Plant Map

Plant Map is the perfect tool for cannabis operations management and compliance. It's an easy to use, visual interface that makes it simple to track and manage plants and batches from seed to sale. With Plant Map, users can easily view and manage their plants, strains, locations, and batches, all in one place. Plant Map also provides a real-time view of compliance with critical regulations, ensuring that operations are always compliant.


Plant Health

Neurocann's Plant Health feature is an essential tool for cannabis cultivation teams. Our Plant Health feature gives users the ability to track and monitor the health of plants in real-time, allowing them to quickly and accurately respond to any health issues that may arise. With our Plant Map feature, users can easily see the severity of issues at a glance with color-coded issue intensity, helping them to make informed decisions on crop management and compliance. 


Harvest Day

Neurocann's Harvest Day feature is an intuitive, easy-to-use solution for Cannabis Ops Management and Compliance. With Harvest Day, growers can easily track and assign harvest tasks, monitor progress, and accurately track yield data. It helps harvest teams coordinate activities, streamline workflows, and stay compliant with industry regulations. With this feature, growers can plan and execute harvests with confidence, improving crop yields and reducing crop loss.

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Trim Tracker

Trim Tracker is the perfect solution for teams that want to optimize their post-harvest labor performance while staying compliant. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy to manage in-process inventory, track employee performance, and collect data to inform future decisions. With Trim Tracker, you can streamline your post-harvest operations and quickly and collect yield data.

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Neurocann's Analytics provide an in-depth view of operations, allowing for the real-time monitoring of productivity, cost, compliance, and inventory. Our entire software is designed to collect data critical to supply chain management, and our analytics are designed to leverage that data to help cannabis businesses make better decisions and increase operational efficiency. By leveraging data from across the supply chain, Neurocann's analytics give you unprecedented insight into operations, allowing you to quickly identify potential issues and take corrective action.

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